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Personalized lunch boxes make perfect gifts for any occasion, and, not only can they be embroidered with the recipient's name to make a unique and super-special present, they are resilient enough to be used every single day. These coolers, which include several cute and cheerful personalized lunch boxes for kids, come in a wide range of colors and designs and are so cool that everyone deserves to have one.

Flower Power Embroidered Lunch Tote

All girls – be they teens, tweens or older – will love this fully insulated empowered-by-flowers lunch pail, which can be personalized in neon pink and sparkling white thread. This gorgeous carrier with its pretty floral design can be used for both lunches as well as babies' bottles, and its insulated lining serves to keep food hot or cold whatever the weather. This personalized lunch box is made of resilient polyester microfiber, sports a smart leather zippered top and is the perfect accessory for school or work.

Personalized Girls Butterfly Lunch Box

Personalized lunch boxes for girls don't come any better than this beautiful bag with its brightly colored butterflies. This lunch tote is not only smart and sassy, it can also be personalized in piquant purple thread so that the lucky little girl who owns it will always be able to tell her lunch box from all the rest. Moms will love it too as it's totally insulated and features a velcro strip on the inside to hold a juice box as well as two extra snack compartments. Most of all, though, moms will love it as the polyester and vinyl that it's made of is so easy to clean.

Personalized Insulated Lunch Tote

This cool and classy personalized lunch box is the ultimate fashion accessory, and ladies can choose between personalizing their bag with their full first name or just their monogram. They also have a choice between two types of fonts: casual and script but, whatever they choose, their name or initials will be embroidered in rich chocolate brown thread to match the color of their lunch box's handles. The bag's silver insulated lining – which serves to keep foods either hot or cold – is also incredibly easy to clean, just like the polyester microfiber material that the bag itself is made of.

Personalized Kids Insulated Lunch Cooler – Ladybug

All little girls love ladybugs and butterflies, and the only difficulty that moms will have when buying these cute personalized children's lunch boxes is to get their girls to decide between choosing the ladybug or choosing the flower garden butterfly bag. Having this perfectly perky lunch box personalized will also ensure that everyone always knows that the box belongs to the little girl whose name is on it. Each of these lunch boxes also come with 12 unique "sweet notes" – which will brighten up any child's day – as well as a front zippered pouch and a velcro lid for easy closure.

Personalized Girls Lunch Box – Polka Dots

These tough, durable and easy-to-clean personalized lunch boxes with their jaunty pirate designs are perfect for those boys who play first and ask questions later. This fully insulated lunch box with its secret mesh and zippered pouches will keep them guessing about where their snacks are hidden, but, with the lucky boy's name embroidered on the front in fire-truck red, it'll be no secret who the lunch box belongs to. Shoulder straps, a sturdy top-hook for hanging the bag from the yard-arm and a heavy-duty zippered top-opening complete this box's stylishly pratical design.

Personalized Blue Lunch Box – Back to School

All sorts of children will love this sports-mad personalized lunch box, with its front zippered pocket and snack-holding inner mesh bags. They'll also love that their very own name is embroidered on the front pocket of this fun cooler box – in bright red thread – and that their lunch box is big enough to hold their entire lunch with space to spare. This fully insulated lunch carrier is perfect for both sports trips and field trips, and, as it's polyester microfiber covering makes it so easy to clean, it can also be pressed into service every single school day.

Personalized Girls Lunch Box – Confetti Dot

This handsome checkered-print lunch box is sure to make any boy feel he's too cool for school, and, what's more, the bag can be personalized with either a last name, first name or single initial in one of 12 different colored threads. This fully insulated lunch box is extremely handy and features a velcro drink-holder strap, a front pouch as well as an inside elastic mesh pocket. The bag will also just absorb any knocks, and, as it's made from durable polyester microfiber, it's very easy to clean.

No gift will say "I love you" quite like these personalized lunch boxes.

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